Bite Mark Analysis – a real Science?

Check out the latest Popular Science magazine article titled “It’s Time To Treat Crime Forensics Like Real Science”.  

ABFO Board of Director Urges Judicial Restraint in Admitting Bitemark Evidence

In a 2010 article published in the Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice, Vol. 7 (1) titled BITE THIS! THE ROLE OF BITE MARK ANALYSES IN WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS, Dr. Roger Metcalf et al chronicle the case history of wrongful convictions based on bitemark evidence. The authors conclude the article with this statement:

“Perhaps it is time for a judge somewhere to finally be the first to say “this bite mark analysis is just not scientific and it’s not reliable, and I’m not letting it come in” thereby greatly diminishing the possibility of wrongful convictions based on the admission of what appears to be a flawed forensic science”.

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