AWARD Winning Film Documentary Tells About the Tragic Effects of Non-DNA Bitemark Evidence

By Dr. Mike Bowers

“Mississippi Innocence” tells the story of 2 good men charged and incarcerated solely on faulty bitemark evidence for decades by the District Attorney of Noxubee Country Mississippi, Forrest Allgood. Produced and directed by faculty at the University of Mississippi this award winning documentary records Kennedy Brewer and Levon Brooks separate journeys within the law enforcement and criminal justice system of Mississippi. After being convicted, their individual strength, family support and sustained claims of innocence twist together and produce a powerful statement regarding the failure of officialdom, investigatory inadequacies, incompetence, and forensic negligence and misconduct. This recent release of this film has been well received and is being introduced into the MS educational system for its value addition to the social sciences and criminal justice. The voice and intent of the film is mirrored in these comments from Tucker Carrington, its producer from the MS Innocence Project.
“[this is] a story that needs to be fully and accurately told, and that needs to have the lessons that can be learned from it taught. Most of the lawyers in this film, not to mention the dentists and other forensic specialists, along with law enforcement, somehow lost their way — and in some way so have we all in failing to hold them accountable — then and now. I truly believe that the legacy of the three plus decades that the two guys spent locked up has yet to be fully realized.”

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